Pateros Tech Firm the Calriger Capco SolarRev will Develop the AFP 7th CRG Military Base SolarRev Power Station Generator

Pateros Tech Firm the Calriger Capco SolarRev will Develop the AFP 7th CRG Military Base SolarRev Power Station Generator

Military Tech- Pateros Technology Firm Calriger Capco SolarRev will build the AFP CRS 7th CRG Base’s SolarRev Sun Of God Power Station Generator using Technology already transferred to PH Military’s 7th CRG Advocacy Center during the advocacy project of Major Frank Sayson PA (Commander of 7th CRG CRSAFP) that focused on Civilian Technology transfer to Military known as the SolarRev Development Training which produced the Military Grade Calriger SolarRev FSSOG500 Power Station Generator

AFP Camp Aguinaldo – Calriger Capco SolarRev has been chosen to build the AFP CRS 7th CRG Base’s SolarRev Power Station Generator, the said renewable energy generator will be an option to be installed in various food gardens under the Raise to 1 Million Food Garden Project of the Armed Forces of the Philippines spearheaded by 7th CRG CRSAFP to make this project sustainable, resilient and with reliable solar power source.

Giancarlo Capco the CEO and Head Technologist of this project from Calriger Capco SolarRev Pateros demonstrated the said Technology in the AFP & NTF ELCAC Program the Para sa Youth and he gave emphasis that his tech firm in partnership with the Philippine Military will conduct free workshops and give free SolarRev Invention Blueprints and trainings to various communities specially the Indigenous People communities in need of this SolarRev Power Station Generator for them to have their own reliable power sources in their homes, schools and communities.

A variant of the SolarRev known as the ASOG1000 and ASOG400 were used in the NRTDC Philippine Navy base in Cavite which is also being used to power their base and their food garden. As promised by one of the officers in the said base, Commander Gregory Fabic PN, they will share the said technology to the Communities in need of this Filipino made Technology.

Blackcore Tactical, an independent social media group of Retired Extremely Dangerous Tactical Armory Gears Specialist conducted a study that identified various weaknesses of military bases in off-grid sites which includes lack of reliable power sources that can threaten base security and this problem can be solved by having a reliable locally developed solar power station generator power source. The 7th CRG CRS AFP together with its Pateros Technology Firm Partner the Calriger Capco SolarRev shortly adopted the effort to develop the SolarRev FSSOG500 Power Station Generator and shared its Technology to the Filipino people thru the AFP’s Seven Vision Advocacy Mission under the Kawal Pinoy for the Filipino People Initiative

News Source: Defense News Daily PH a CRSAFP Cyber SOG Program 2015EXP-R&D2021

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